Notre-Dame cathedral of Amiens

Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens

The Notre Dame Cathedral of Amiens is the largest Gothic cathedral in France and one of the largest in the world of the 13th century, capable of holding the Notre Dame cathedral of Paris, not once, but twice. The building is exceptionally large : 145 meters long, 70 meters wide, and 112 meters to the top of the spire. The roof of the nave rises to a height of 42 meters.

This masterpiece of classic gothic architecture is an invaluable testimony of human creative genius, built in just 60 years during the 13th century. The exceptional state of preservation of its statuary, rich furnishings, the consistency of the layout designed by architect Robert Luzarches, the elegance of its three-level elevation, and the richness and beauty of the iconographic representations all give us a testimony of the outstanding universal value which is rightly recognized by UNESCO.

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