Other attractions in Amiens

The Belfry
Place du fil, 80000 Amiens
Tél: 03 22 71 60 50.
Full price / reduced price : €4 / €3. Children : €2. Family pack: €9.
Free visit on week-ends during public holidays : 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Guided tour (1h30) every third Sunday of the month. Evening guided tour on Friday in July and August at 11 p.m.
Coupled guided tour of the Cathedral and the Belfry:
Full price/ reduced price: €6/ €3. Children: €2. Guided tours on the second Sunday of the month.
Information available at the Tourist Office. Visit in 4 languages.

Classified as a World Heritage site as part of the belfries of northern France and Belgium.

Although the first traces of a belfry date back to the 13th century, it was rebuilt in the early 15th century. From this period there is a square base with white stone in a Gothic style. The bell tower and roof were added in the mid-18th century in a style called "Jesuit" and then restored in the 20th century following the damage caused by bombing during the Second World War.
The belfry was mainly used as a watchtower to monitor the area around the city. But it also served as a prison and as a meeting place for notable people of the city.

The Saint Leu district

This is the oldest neighborhood of Amiens, along the Somme River. Its picturesque narrow streets and colorful framed houses attest to the artisanal past of this area. Today, the craft stalls dedicated to the manufacturing and dyeing of fabrics that contributed to the wealth and reputation of the city have given way to art galleries, antique shops and other boutiques. Spared by the bombings of World War II, visitors can still stroll in this typical area.

The hortillonnages
54 Boulevard Beauvillé, 80000 Amiens
For guided tours, tel : 03 22 92 12 18.

You can visit the multitude of islands interlaced with channels where gardeners cultivate and perpetuate an ancient tradition of floating gardens. There are several possibilities for guided tours: on the water (by boat or canoe) or walking on the towpath, along the Somme, appreciating the surrounding nature and various species of birds. For the whole family. See also "Markets"

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