Old Bridge of Albi

Old Bridge, Albi Old Bridge, Albi

In 1035 the Viscount Trencavel commissioned this bridge for commercial advantage and mobility. It became a major trading hub between the South and the North and from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. This bridge is largely responsible for the commercial prosperity of the city in the Middle Ages.

The Old Bridge, at 151 meters long, rests on eight arches. The introduction of a toll allowed the Lords to maintain the bridge, but also to increase their own revenues. Built of stone, it was subsequently covered in brick and remodeled over the centuries. In the 14th century, the Old Bridge was fortified with a drawbridge at each end and like all bridges of this era, was topped not only by houses, but also by a chapel dedicated to the Virgin at its center. It was then expanded and opened to traffic in the 20th century.

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