Port of the moon

Bordeaux, Port of the Moon Bordeaux, Port of the Moon

The historic heart of Bordeaux extends along the Garonne River.

This monumental architectural landscape dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries is particularly remarkable for its breadth and its coherence. The historic center reflects in its history the continuous organization of urban space, despite the various successive architectural influences, especially in Gothic and Renaissance styles. And so over time, the city center of Bordeaux has become unique and exceptional example of urban development.

The Port of the Moon in Bordeaux is the first urban zone to be classified as a World Heritage site on such a vast and complex area. It takes its name from the moon-shaped curve formed by the Garonne River. The left bank of the port has always been the engine of commerce and prosperity in Bordeaux. The Port of the Moon is an outstanding example of exchange and influences over the past 2000 years from its role as the world capital of wine. It is also the origin of the construction of the Place Royale (now the Place de la Bourse), the creation of the Grand Théâtre and the Allées de Tourny in the 18th century. Port activity was been moved downstream to the northern suburbs, and the old hangars succumbed to the recent redevelopment of the area and to pedestrian walkways and bicycle paths, aerating the city center.

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