The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel The Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

It would be impossible to separate the bay from the mount, which it emphasizes and sublimes. The bay of Mont-Saint-Michel is one of the largest in the world. At low tide, the vast expanses of shore and sand reveal a breathtaking landscape 30 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide.

General overview 
of the bay

Here, the tides are among the largest in the world. At the équinoxes, the tide level can vary by 14 meters! Though it is commonly said that the tide rises "at the speed of a galloping horse", the reality is quite different. On average, it progresses at the walking speed of a man, about 3.5 kilometers per hour. The two principal dangers of the bay lie elsewhere, though it is still necessary to be cautious and not wander too far off track (check the tide times). Danger often occurs when the mist covers the bay, making it very easy to get lost. The other major danger is quicksand -- best avoided ! The bay is almost flat, and is prone to siltation (quicksand). Crossing the shores of the bay can indeed be dangerous. For these reasons, a tour of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel should always be accompanied by a guide. Do not venture too far from the monument, and especially not alone. Your guide will help you discover the natural treasures and rich fauna and flora.

The fauna and flora

The bay is a classified area for birds. It hosts many species of seabirds, whether local for breeding and nesting (scoters) or migratory, on a stop-over or for winter hibernation (geese, ducks). It is also possible to see seals. 
The tides cause significant mixing of the water, which promotes organic production and the development of many invertebrates. These are necessary for feeding the hundreds of fish species that inhabit the bay.

Ecomusée de la Baie
Route du Grouin du sud, 50300 Vains
Website – tel : 02 33 89 06 06.
Full Price/ reduced price: €5/ €3.50. Children from 7 to 18 years old: €2.50. Free for children under 7 years old.
Open daily from April to September:
April, May and June: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.
July, August and September: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

This museum is an interpretive center on the fauna, flora and the past and present activities of men in the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. 
Features temporary exhibitions and events for the whole family.

Discovery and rides in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

To discover this wild and enchanting nature, walks are organized in the bay by professional guides. Most walks depart from the Bec d'Andaine, north of Genêts.

La Maison du Guide
1 Rue Montoise, 50530 Genêts
Website – tel : 02 33 70 83 49.

"AAA" Didier Lavadoux
36 Grande Rue, 50530 Genêts
Website - tel : 06 75 08 84 69.

The complete list of official guides proposing the guided crossing of the bay is available on the website of the tourist office

Crossing the bay on horse

Le Riage
50300 La Gohannière
Website - tel : 06 80 55 76 30.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel seen from the sky 

ULM in the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel (microlight airplane)

4 Chemin des cognets, 50530 Dragey
Website – tel : 06 07 54 91 92.

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