Other attractions in Chartres

Visiting the City Center

The beauty of the Cathedral should not obscure the treasures of the historic city center, which has been largely adapted to pedestrians. In discovering the city center, visitors will certainly fall for the charm of medieval Chartres. Its picturesque cobbled streets and steep alleyways lined with half-timbered houses lead visitors to the banks of the Eure, and wash houses and stone bridges provide a splendid panorama of the upper city. Visitors may also take the opportunity to enjoy an excursion by boat or canoe on the river for a relaxing ride.

Perfume in Chartres

Chartres is also known for its perfume and cosmetic industry. The city has even created its own perfume, called Autrica, which visitors can discover during the week dedicated to perfumes and fragrances around Mother's Day (see “Calendar of Events”), or by visiting the "Esprit de Parfum" exhibition in front of the Cathedral.

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