Mont Perdu - Pyrénées

Mont Perdu - Pyrénées, brèche de Roland. Mont Perdu - Pyrénées, brèche de Roland.

Pyrénées, Gavarnie, Mont Perdu - Visit time : 1 to 3 days.

This site is an example of nature at its purest, immediately evident upon arrival at the Cirque de Gavarnie: spectacular rock formations, and abundant and varied wildlife and flora. Discovering these natural resources along the beaten trails is a true delight.

But this trans-border site, dominated by Mont Perdu that rises to 3,352 meters above sea level, is also classified as a World Heritage site for its cultural legacy. Since the 11th century, the inhabitants of these valleys have shaped the landscape, and the fusion between man and environment promoted exchanges between the French and Spanish communities. This classification thus confirms the tradition of pastoralism in the Pyrénées. Here, history, culture and nature combine to offer visitors a mix of intense emotions.


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