Reims, Religious Heritage

Notre-Dame Cathedral, Reims Notre-Dame Cathedral, Reims

Reims, Religious Heritage - Visit time : 1 day.

Though today the name Reims first evokes the capital of Champagne, now famous around the world, long before that it was the site of many important episodes of French history.

The cathedral was indeed the place of coronation of the kings of France, and in total, 32 sovereigns, including 29 kings, succeeded one another here in Reims, expressing through their crowning a superiority over their people and a proximity to God. The religious buildings in the city were certainly noble enough for the prestigious visitors they received.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Basilique Saint Rémi and the Palais du Tau all contribute to this religious, architectural and historical ensemble, unique in France. It is on this basis that the city’s religious heritage was selected as a World Heritage Site.


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