Chartres, Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral Chartres Cathedral

Chartres, Cathedral - Visit time : half-day.

The Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece of the 12th and 13th centuries, imposing its unity and harmony on the surrounding area.

It is often considered a perfect gothic cathedral, one that has traversed the centuries without major incident despite the many chapters of history that have unfolded around it. With its beautifully preserved stained glass and statuary, it is possible today to admire this monumental ensemble in its (mostly) original splendor. Its exceptional state of preservation and the speed at which it was built (most of the building was completed in just 26 years) make the cathedral a major and unique testament to the world of Christendom in the Middle Ages. Although it was built on the base of a Romanesque construction, it shows great architectural homogeneity and demonstrates a certain continuity between the two styles.

The Chartres Cathedral was the center of medieval Christianity. A major pilgrimage site, it is visible from many kilometers away with its bell tower that rises to 112 meters, guiding pilgrims to this holy place.


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