Fontainebleau, Palace and Park

Palace of Fontainebleau by night Palace of Fontainebleau by night

Fontainebleau, Palace and Park - Visit time : half-day.

If Versailles is the pinnacle of an era and of a king (Louis XIV), Fontainebleau illustrates eight centuries of French history.

Over thirty rulers resided within these walls, and each one has left his mark, his extension, and his style, making the Palace a patchwork of architectural techniques. Though it witnessed great pages of French history, it is itself a symbol of the adaptation of Italian Renaissance art in the 16th century, allowing visitors today to admire the exceptional richness of its decorations and furniture. From the ground to the ceiling, precious wood flooring, woodwork, tapestries, fireplaces, paintings, sculptures ... every square meter of the Palace is richly decorated, offering its visitors continuous delight.


Fontainebleau, Patrimoine Mondial MP Studio