The Classified Squares of Nancy

Detail Place Stanislas, Nancy Detail Place Stanislas, Nancy

Architectural jewels of the city, the three squares of Nancy, classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites, are outstanding examples of a functional modern urban layout. The center of the city surrounds them.

While touring the city, visitors will be able to easily distinguish the architectural differences between the Old Town and the New Town.

La Vieille Ville (the Old Town): crisscrossed by narrow streets and small squares, the Old Town is lined with tall, sometimes medieval houses, and is grouped around the Ducal Palace built by René II. The Craffe Gate (14th century) remains the oldest historical vestige from medieval times.

La Ville Neuve (the New Town): the grid plan adopted by Italian architects when constructing the area is found in the streets’ orthogonal layout (one with many right angles), characteristic of the Renaissance.

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